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Real estate matters can sometimes be quite challenging. When it comes to commercial or residential real estate, it can often be necessary to work with a lawyer. Having the right attorney on your side can help protect your property interests. Seasoned real estate lawyers know exactly how to handle transactions according to the real estate laws of your area. Real estate lawyers handle a variety of legal subjects including foreclosures, landlord and tenant issues, mortgages, residential purchases and sales, and title disputes.

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Under today's economic conditions, real estate foreclosures are occurring quite frequently. Whether you are facing foreclosure or will be purchasing a foreclosed home, you always have several rights under the law. The foreclosure process usually involves many interconnected issues, such as filing deadlines or eviction procedures. Depending on the laws of your state, foreclosure may or may not be required in your situation.

It is important to consider the rights of landlords and tenants when handling real estate claims. Landlords are always obligated to provide tenants with suitable living conditions during their periods of residence. These often include maintaining standard safety and health standards, as well as providing basic home repairs. Having a clearly written landlord-tenant contract in place can help avoid disputes in the future.

Another area of concern with regards to real estate is the subject of mortgages. Mortgages are basically liens that are applied to the property by a lending institution such as a bank. There are currently several different varieties of mortgages available for homeowners. Choosing the right type of mortgage plan is essential to avoiding possible foreclosure in the future. Consulting with a real estate lawyer is the best way to successfully handle mortgages from the beginning to the end of the process.

Finalizing a real estate transaction can be a major milestone in one's life. However, selling or purchasing real estate usually involves several different parties, including the seller, buyer, and real estate brokers and agents. Real estate sales may also involve many important documents, such as contracts, appraisal reports, and deeds. These documents must be clearly written and reviewed thoroughly before signing.

Even after a real estate transaction is completed, issues can sometimes arise regarding the title to the home. Title and boundary disputes can often present themselves well after a successful real estate sale. For example, new constructions to a home can often create a boundary dispute between neighbors. If you have questions regarding the rightful title and boundary to your property, a real estate attorney can conduct a title search at your local county recorder's office to verify specific details.

Real estate laws vary greatly depending on the region and the type of property involved. For this reason, real estate lawyers are equipped to handle a wide range of common real estate claims. Real estate attorneys can also handle more complex real estate matters, including condominiums and co-cops, construction projects, and zoning/planning/land use issues.

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