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The real estate industry in Staunton is controlled by a wide variety of laws, and these laws can affect the process and outcome of practically any transaction or deal involving the sale, lease, or use of land.

Real estate law in Staunton can be fairly intricate, especially when it comes to things like mortgages and the resolution of disputes over construction defects.

Therefore, it's a smart idea to obtain at least a very basic knowledge of how real estate law in Staunton works.

Having at least some knowledge of real estate law will be to your advantage in practically any real estate transaction. Knowing the law can give you a bargaining advantage and prevent you from being saddled with obligations that you don't have to assume.

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Common Real Estate Law Issues in Staunton

Financing: Most persons, families, and small businesses in Staunton cannot afford to buy a large piece of real estate with the money they have on hand. However, they typically can afford to pay for it over a long period of time, in installments, with interest. Consequently, most real estate is purchased using a mortgage - a loan for a specific purchase, using the item purchased as collateral.

Zoning: Zoning regulations control what types of structures are allowed on various parcels, based on their location in a municipality. For instance, some areas in a city might be zoned only for residential use. Another area might permit industrial use. These rules are meant to keep property values up, and promote harmony among neighbors by preventing conflicts.

Duty to Disclose: If you're buying a house in Staunton, you have specific legal protections. The seller has a duty to tell the buyer about any defects that the property has. All defects which the seller knows about, and which the buyer can't be expected to discover through an ordinary inspection, must be disclosed. If the seller fails to disclose a defect, and the buyer later discovers it, the seller can be sued for any diminution in the property's value caused by the defect, the cost of repairing it, and any injuries the buyers suffers as a result.

Implied Warranties: In Staunton, every residential lease agreement, whether it's specifically stated or not, has an "implied warranty of habitability." This is a legally-imposed promise by the landlord that the rented dwelling (whether it's a house or apartment) is fit for habitation by humans. While there are many requirements for a place to be considered habitable, some of the most important ones are electricity, running water, heating, and protection from the elements.

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Because the issues discussed above can get intricate for laypersons, if you have a real estate issue, such as an eviction, or a construction dispute, you should not hesitate to contact a Staunton real estate attorney ASAP.

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Life in Staunton

The city of Staunton is located in Augusta County, Virginia.  It is a relatively older community comprised of about 23,000 residents.  It was incorporated in 1871.  Staunton was first settled by merchants, and its economic beginnings can be traced to the fields of trade, industry, and transportation.  The city is locally known for being the birthplace of former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. 

Currently Staunton is an ideal tourist destination, as it has five separate districts with many sights to see.  The arts and culture contribute greatly to Staunton's atmosphere, as can be seen by the American Shakespeare Center.  The Center is home to the only replica of Shakespeare's Blackfriars Theatre in existence.  Strict building codes have preserved much of Staunton's unique early-American architecture.  This makes it a popular location for film and T.V. settings.

Staunton residents can enjoy many of the city's outdoor festivals and parades, such as the 4th of July Celebration.  Country music is a favorite for many locals, as the city has produced many top-notch artists.  The city is a genuine reservoir of American culture and history.  Besides President Woodrow Wilson, Staunton has been the hometown of several lawyers, senators, and legislators throughout history.

Staunton lawyers typically file their cases at the Staunton General District Court located in the city.  Many lawyers in Staunton, Virginia frequently participate in the city's many community service and outreach programs.    

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