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Real Estate Law in Nebraska

Lincoln's real estate industry is governed by a huge body of laws. This is because almost any real estate transaction invokes laws concerning civil rights, consumer protection, land use, and contracts.

The law governing real estate in Lincoln can get pretty complicated, especially when things such as mortgages, disputes about construction defects, and conflicts over title are involved.

Accordingly, it's a good idea to learn some of the basics of Lincoln's real estate laws.

Knowing the law can serve you in a number of ways: it can put you in a better negotiating position, it can help you spot unlawful terms in lease agreements, and ensure that you know your rights if a conflict arises, among other things.

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Common Real Estate Law Issues in Lincoln

Financing: Most people are unable to make major real estate purchases in Lincoln with cash, because few people have that kind of money on hand. Therefore, to buy real estate, most entities use a mortgage. This is a loan used to buy a piece of property. When the loan is authorized, and the property purchased, the lender holds a security interest in the property until the loan is paid off, with interest.

Zoning: Zoning laws dictate what types of buildings can go on given pieces of property. These laws are usually designed to ensure that residential areas are as clean and as quiet as possible, thereby preserving property values. They accomplish this by ensuring that other uses that might be inappropriate in a residential area, such as heavy industry, are in different parts of town. This also ensures that industries will be able to go about their business without constant complaints from their neighbors.

Duty to Disclose: When buying a home in Lincoln, you are protected by the law. The seller has a legal obligation to disclose to the buyer any defects of which the seller is aware, which the buyer couldn't detect through a superficial inspection. If you are selling a home, it's probably best to disclose every defect you know about, to ensure that you aren't faced with a lawsuit from the buyer sometime in the future.

Implied Warranty: All residential lease agreements in Lincoln carry with them an implicit promise by the landlord that the property is fit for human habitation. This warranty does not need to be explicitly stated in order to have effect, and neither the tenant nor landlord can waive it. Any arrangement claiming to waive this warranty is void. To be considered habitable, a building must not be so dirty as to pose a health hazard, it must have running water, it must have electricity, and it must provide adequate protection from the weather. There are many other requirements, but if a building or unit lacks any one of those, it will be considered uninhabitable.

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These issues, along with many others, can sometimes be fairly intricate. Therefore, you should never hesitate to consult with a Lincoln real estate attorney if you have any questions.

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Life in Lincoln

Lincoln is Nebraska's state capitol-a place filled with something to do for everyone!  Lincoln has a large recreation center, great shopping malls, a huge golf course, and several playgrounds for children!  Moreover, Lincoln is home to many wonderful attractions filled with natural and historical beauty.

Starting off, the State Capitol Building is described as the nation's first vernacular State Capitol.  The building stands 400 feet tall, has four interior court yards, and an observation deck.  Many tours are offered daily, and last approximately thirty minutes. 

For those who want to see even more history, the Historic Haymarket is a very popular Lincoln attraction.  It has unique galleries, shops, and restaurants.  The Historic Haymarket is the social hub of Lincoln, where people can go to socialize, relax, and just have a good time.

Alongside history, Lincoln is also rich in natural beauty.  Antelope Park and The Sunken Gardens are a botanist's delight!  Both have amazing rose gardens, gorgeous fountains perfect for that special Kodak moment, and breathtaking statues and sculptures.  

Children especially love Lincoln because of the Lincoln Children's Zoo.  The Zoo has over 300 animals and a large botanical garden with over 400 species of plants!  The Zoo prides itself in its devotion to animal conservation and community education.  The Zoo also has a species survival program, where animal that are threatened and endangered are taken in and taken care of.  

Being the capitol of Nebraska, Lincoln's legal market is full and flourishing.  Lincoln has many legal centers where legal aid is provided to those in need.  Additionally, Lincoln is filled with large, medium-sized, and small law firms in all practices of law.  Overall, the legal needs of anyone and everyone can be taken care of in Lincoln Nebraska.  

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